Disney Land, Disney Land in Paris, France

Places to See in France

France is synonymous with good food, great wines, lively people and top most tourist destination in the world.

The country rich in culture has everything that interests a visitor. The beaches and seaside resorts, ski resorts, monuments, lovely nature, incredible mountain scenery and beautiful tranquil rural regions of France offer enjoyment to all.

France is an artistic country. The cities, cathedrals and châteaux and palaces are architectural treasures of France. The museums have huge collections of works by the world's great artists.

We here recommend you to visit the best places in France for an amazing travel experience.


Paris is the capital of France. It is popularly known as the ‘city of light.’ Paris is one of the favorite destinations of travelers worldwide. This charming city has much to see and things to do.

Eiffel Tower is the most sought about destination.... You can guess its popularity by that more than half the tourists wanted to come Paris only to see Eiffel Tower. It is a 320m high tower built to commemorate the anniversary of the French insurgency.

Disneyland in Paris is Europe's most popular theme park. Tourists of all ages can’t stop from getting hypnotized by the magical and adventurous land. People love to visit the two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Village, seven themed hotels and Golf Disneyland.

Notre Dame is the cathedral built in Gothic architectural style. It is a place that attracts religious people towards Paris. The magnificent cathedral's interior is decorated with beautiful stained glass windows. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The romantic Paris has many renowned museums, including the Louvre, which is the most visited art museum in the world, but also the Musée d'Orsay, the earlier fortress now turned into museum is devoted to impressionism, and Beaubourg, dedicated to Contemporary art. You should see Champs Elysees, from Arc de Triomphe to place de la Concorde, Sacré coeur and butte Montmartre, Moulin Rouge, place Pigalle.., Latin quarter and Saint-Germain de Prés, pont des Arts, Château de Versailles, Centre Georges Pompidou and Sainte Chapelle and ile saint-Louis, Pont Neuf.

Walking through the streets or navigating by boat through the Seine river is a lifetime experience.


Normandy is a place that interests mainly historians. It treasures numerous coasts and the memories of World War II. The memorial cemeteries are awesome.

Mount Saint Michael is a gem of Normady. The place is famous for its architecture and history.

Loire valley is usually called "the garden of France." The castles and wine are big attraction here. The Loire Valley, Provence, Côte d'Azur and Languedoc-Roussillon are unique in both cultural and geographical sense. Now a days the landscapes of Languedoc is earning it popularity as hotspot to spend summer vacations.

South West of France

The south west of France is laden with sandy beaches, châteaux, manors, castles and vineyards. Major places to see in south west France are:

» Bordeaux city and Bordeaux vineyards
» Arcachon and Cap Ferret
» Basque country (Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz)
» Dordogne and Perigord
» Charentes Poitou
» The fishing port then turned to playground of monarch, Biarritz (Basque country)
» Saint Jean de Luz resort, (Basque country) mountains
» Lourdes, the pilgrim town
» Pyrenees National Park

South east of France

Place to see in South east France are:

» Antibes and cap d'Antibes
» Nice
» Saint Tropez
» Aix en Provence
» Arles