Stockholm, Sweden

Places to See in Sweden

Sweden is a classic and attractive tourist destination. This interesting landscape country is stylish and inviting. The "Land of the midnight sun" is also called "the land of the Vikings" because it is seen as a romantic and adventurous land.

Sweden has number of attractive castles, fortifications, and museums spread across country. The glaciers, pine forests and lakes draw visitors to this Scandinavian country.

The pleasant climate is the soul of Sweden. Sweden is at its best during the summer and early fall during which it become alive.

Things to do in Sweden

Tourists can enjoy vivid sporting activities; Skating on clear, fresh lakes and rivers, skiing through cross-country on scenic trails or downhill, dog sledding, ice climbing, tobogan rides, orienteering, cycling, tennis, golf, climbing, trekking, canoeing and kayaking, and even swimming and scuba diving offers openness and freshness.

We here recommend the best places to see in Sweden to make your visit to Sweden memorable for lifetime.

Cities to visit in Sweden

Sweden is a tourist destination that has been enjoyed by every tourist coming from neighbouring countries. These top tourist attractions in Sweden includes a trip to these cities that will astonish you and opens your eyes to a different World.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden which is built on fourteen islands. Drottningholm Royal Palace and the Skogskyrkogården Forest Cemetery in Sweden are declared World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

The city has long list of museums which are visited by millions every year. These all remain closed on Monday. The Royal Palace, the Royal Armoury now turned into museum, Livrustkammaren; The City hall; the old town Gamla Stan; Aquaria Water Museum, Swedish Museum of Arcitecture, The Museum of Dance, Museum of National Antiquities, Toy Museum, Modern Museum, Museum de Vries, The National Museum of Fine Arts, The Swedish Museum of Natural History, National Maritime Museum, Skansen Open air museum; Museum of Technology and The Vasa Museum are must see places of Sweden.

Helsingborg is also known as the ‘Pearl of the Oresund’. This is surrounded on three sides by seas- Kattegatt Sea, the Øresund and the Baltic Sea. The charming coastal locales are the legacy of Helsingborg.

Lund, Kiruna, Landskrona, Gothenburg, Gotland and Malmo are the other popular cities in Sweden.

Lakes in Sweden

Lake Vanern
The largest lake of Sweden, Lake Vanern stretches to 5,655 sq km. It is composed of 20,000 small islands, islets and rocks. This freshwater archipelago is a wonderful scenic spot. This lake is home to variety of birds and nearly 35 different species of fish.

Lake Vattern
Another water body Lake Vattern spreads to 1912 square km and 128metres deep. It serves as main water supplier for surrounding areas and popular fishing destination. Lakeside plays host to hot air ballooning festivals and the annual 300 kilometre cycling race.

National Parks

Padjelanta National Park
Padjelanta National park, established in 1962 is the largest national park in Sweden. The beautiful plains are intertwined with free flowing lake which takes away breath. Plenty of wildlife attracts visitors.

Sarek National Park
The wilderness of Sarek National Park is spread in 197,000 hectares. This beautiful place has the combination of mountains and Glaciers. The hikers find challenging to conquer the several terrains here like Kungsleden hiking trail running through the southern tip of the park.