Europe cities - See list of best cities in European countries

  • London, Edinburgh in UK
  • Paris, Nice. Eiffel tower is must see attraction of world.
  • Rome, Milan, Venice in Italy. Venice is famous for canals, bridges and museums.
  • Prague
  • Amsterdam. See canals, architecture
  • Brussels in Belgium. Originally city was a 10th centuary fort.
  • Porto in Porugal
  • Berlin in Germany
  • Lisbon - See Mediieval churches, monasteries
  • Hamburg is greenest city in Europe
  • Madrid - Art collection
  • Barcelona is famous tourist desntination.City has great architecture.
  • Vienna is famous for music and architecture
  • Seville (Spain) is home to Alcazar. It used to be a Moorish fort. is famous for music and architecture
  • Munich

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